ITT General Controls Linear and Rotary Actuators

By November 12, 2016 Actuators, Blog


ITT General Controls DL64/DL66 series are powerful, electric linear actuators developed for converting manually actuated equipment to remote manual control or to automatic on-of, floating, or proportional control. Versatile mounting of the actuator permits easy adaption to existing equipment in the field without removing the valve or breaking lines.

ITT General Controls actuators are self-contained, gear driven, all electric units powered by an integral, reversing capacitor type motor. Motor rotary motion is converted to ram linear motion with minimum loss in efficiency and output by rotation of an anti-friction screw to drive a travelling nut. Control signals can be from a SPDT switch with or without a neutral position – ram action can be inched, stopped or reversed at any point between full retract and full extend position. The heavier duty models (DL66) are equipped with an integral electric brake


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