Delavan Oil Burner Nozzles

By September 27, 2017 Blog, Various


Delavan develops and produces nozzles for all kinds of expertises. Delavan nozzles has a unique design to reduce the possibility of varnish and oil residue buildup. Delavan Nozzles are build to last even where wear is a factor.

Delavan has three kinds of nozzles that cover almost all burner requirements:

  • Delavan Type A Hollow
  • Delavan Type B Solid Cone
  • Delavan Type W all purpose nozzle

Delavan Del-O-Flo uses a patented design which keeps the fluid from slowing and particles from collecting, settling or clogging the nozzle.

  • Del-O-Flo Type A
  • Del-O-Flo Type B


Delavan Interchanges

  • Delavan Type R-D
  • Delavan Type AR-D


Delavan Special Plug resistant Nozzles for Mobile Homes

  • Delavan Type MH

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