The future of the valve technology begins with Staiger valves!

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The range of Staiger products include solenoid valves, valve electronics and pneumatic modules. Staiger Valve electronics are for sale and on stock. Check our website for more information:

StaigerLight emitting seal

  • Staiger LD-SAB
  • Staiger LD-SAD
  • Staiger LD-SAH
  • Staiger LD-SAK
  • Staiger LD-SAW


StaigerLight emitting plug

  • Staiger LL-SAB
  • Staiger LL-SAD
  • Staiger LL-SAH
  • Staiger LL-SAW


StaigerElectronic Adapter

  • Staiger EG
  • Staiger ZE
  • Staiger ZI
  • Staiger ZL
  • Staiger ZV


If you need more information about Staiger Valve electronics please contact ITT Controls via


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